Testimonials - Credits from his peers

«We are always surprised by his versatility, his talent and his dynamism. In new-media we need talent we can rely on, that is innovative, creative and flexible. Roger Bourassa is one of these talents»

Jean-François Dumas, Influence Communication Interactive


«...he has an indispensable quality that we find less and less often in journalism, he is curious… he has no prejudice and does not judge before he sees and listens. His commentaries are always honest»

Claire Galarneau, Abracadabra publicité


«...bright and early, he faces the microphone refreshed and alert. Mr. Bourassa met this challenge daily with unfailing good humour… Mr. Bourassa possesses the art of personal organization. He handles his interviews with tact so that the artist always feels respected and at ease.»

Laurent Laplante, journalist


«His trademark is without a doubt his great loyalty towards the enterprise he works for. Professional integrity is one of his personal characteristics.»

Jacques Samson, Le Soleil


«The quality of your voice combined with your thoughtful interpretation in the read brought this project up to a better level.  Thank you.»